RUN IN 2008!

After Rep. Mike Krusee won his last race with only 50% of the vote, most thought he'd scurry off for a fat lobbyist job.

A very reliable inside source says House Tranpportation Chair Rep. Mike Krusee is gearing up to run in 2008. Krusee has already hired a professional to help try and side step the many minefields of the 2008 primary and general election campaigns.

Krusee just barely won his 2006 general election with only 50% of the vote. Krusee’s narrow win against a Democrat in a Republican (Williamson County) district was a real shocker. Krusee's main opponent, Karen Felthauser, had virtually no money to produce a competitive campaign.

Paul Burka of Texas Monthly had this to say about the Felthauser v Krusee race in HD 52:
"One more race to mention: Mike Krusee got 50.1% (Make that 49.72%, EOW) of the vote. He is the author and biggest defender of the highway bill that authorized toll roads throughout Texas. His Round Rock district is in the heart of the Central Texas controversy over tolling. A well financed campaign that hammered him for his support of toll roads might have taken him out. And yet, Democrats completely ignored Karen Felthauser."
You can bet Krusee will have to deal with at least one well financed race, if not two. Other sharks always smell the blood in the water.

Krusee and John Langmore created Gov. Perry's HB 3588, the legislation that allows our freeways to be tolled and sold to private corporations. This double tax legislation also allows foreign companies such as Cintra to take our land (TTC). The road and land deals allow for fat profits, after taxpayer subsidize the roads and land deal schemes. Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDA’s), created by Krusee’s legislation allow the deals to be secret.


In the spring of 2006, I figured we’d plant the seed and start telling the story of the “Krusee Corruption” by finding him an opponent, in hopes that a viable opponent (with money) would naturally surface to take him out in 2008.

Myself and a couple of pals in our PAC, got an unknown (with no money) to run in Krusee's 2006 Republican primary (CLICK HERE TO READ!). As a matter of fact, the opponent we found signed up just minutes before the WilCo deadline closed. On a shoestring budget we moved forward. I created her VoteBarbara.com website, flyer, ad (CLICK TO READ) and online bumperstickers hitting Krusee hard for his double tax of tolling roads we've already paid for. Our volunteers, led by Richard Reeves, delivered the flyers to thousands of District 52 homes.

With virtually no money, we got 36% of the vote!
(we got 45% East of 130). I believe the work we did in the primary paid off early, with Krusee barely winning the general election by only 50%.

Proof of Krusee's growing unpopularity began in 2005. Propositions 1, 3, and 9, were all rejected by Williamson County voters. State Rep. Mike Krusee was a big proponent of all three!

The latest finacial reports shows Krusee sitting on over $360,000 of special interest dollars to fight for his seat. He’ll most probably collect another easy $200,000 and use those dollars to send direct mail, run TV, Radio and newspaper ads to lie to the voters.

Will our political action committee (People for Efficient Tranportation PAC) step up again to help take him out with volunteers work and money? Hell yes, and we get two bites at the apple! Donate today for the fight HERE.

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Anonymous said...

What a lying cheat and would sell his own soul for money and probably already has. Hey next election, just plug my name in as running against him in the election ok? I have some experience in politics, and found I would love to catch some of these thieves in the act...Kind of like they do on perverted justice, only with corrupt thieves.