SAMUELSON to Challenge KRUSEE in Republican Primary!

DUMP Krusee.

Barbara cites Krusee's Push of Unaccountable Tolling
of Public Highways and Irresponsible Trans Texas Corridor
as Motivation for Run at Public Office.

"I find the current and planned schema to toll our public highways to be fiscally and socially reprehensible. Saddling the constituents of Williamson County, nay, of the entire state of Texas, with bloated bureaucratic freeway tolls is not my idea of applying conservative values in the legislature. Unaccountable, double taxation is not a transportation solution. I support a full review of TXDOT and its operations to explore ways to make transportation planning, design and construction more efficient, more accountable and more cost effective. Current ideology within the legislature's transportation board, chaired by Krusee, sets the toll rates by an unelected and unaccountable Regional Mobility Authority. Architected by Mike Krusee in HB 3588, the appointed boards, (RMAs), are newly created taxing authorities, and as such, are unacceptable as governing bodies, and is precisely why I am contesting Mike Krusee in the race for House District 52," said Samuelson

Barbara Samuelson added, "I oppose the Trans Texas Corridor, as does the Texas Republican Party platform and over 30 Texas counties which have formally opposed the Trans Texas Corridor, '.... there are issues of confiscation of private land, State and National sovereignty and other similar concerns.' Quiet dealings with "for profit" foreign corporations, that fascilitate and authorize confiscation of private land and dares to market its (mis)use as "emminent domain", is not open and fair government. Past legislation and the passage of Prop 1 in the 2005 election allows unlimited tax dollars to be shifted to the TTC. This must stop!"

"We need to invest in higher education to ensure a competitive, and hopefully, prosperous future for our children, our state, our nation, our species, our companion species, and the entire planet! In other words, there is no limit to the potential impact that education has upon existence; it must be funded. John Adams wrote passionately of the duty society has to perpetuate and facilitate public knowledge through education. I agree with John Adams," said Samuelson.

Barbara is a professional photographer/filmmaker with a degree in film and a strong background in science and technology.

Contact Barbara Samuelson: Barbara@talkdata.com


Anonymous said...

Ms. Samuelson is doing an honorable and much needed patriotic thing in running against Krusee.

I hope that all the anti-double tax toll roads and anti-corridors people and groups will pull out all the stops to get this woman in as the Republican candidate.

I do not know the political demographics of District 52, but I suspect it is made up of the neo-conservatives Bush brand of Republicans.

Please drill in into the heads of all the low-power FM radio stations, and on the public access TV show that Richard Reeves hosts, and on all these related websites and blogs ...

People who are not and have never been a Republican can vote in the Republican primary and it is extremely important for them to do so. Explain clearly to people that voting in the Republican primary will exclude them from being able to vote in a Democratic primary, but that in this case it is a moot point.

I do not even know if there will be a Democratic primary in this district nor do I know the name of the, or even if there is a, Democrat candidate to run against whoever wins the Republican nomination. People against this total toll tyranny do need to have a Democrat to vote for if Ms. Samuelson does not win the Republican nomination, and they need to equally vigorously encouraged to the polls for that possible eventuality.

I do not know how all this stuff works but I do know, if you are going to make a real and true 100 percent effort to get Samuelson in, you must explain how all this works in all the venues you have. You need to "kick butt" to get people to the polls and get her in.

If people in this district are so deluded as to even think about voting for Krusee ever again for any office, then they deserve just what they will get. They have already gotten a taste of this toll tyranny bitter weak soup.

I think Bush neoconservative "neoChristian" is the mind set of the populace you will have to wake up and convert, and the record is that these people are, how shall I nicely say it, extremely resistant to change and truth.

One last bit of uncolicited advice ... Ms. Samuelson should refrain from praising the Republican party and its purported fine platform unless she is addressing specifically Republicans.

The blatant sad truth is that true conservatives in Texas have had to drop out of their affiliation with the Republican party because the party has ignored almost every plank in its Texas platform and have done so for many many years.

Thank you and good luck to Ms. Samuelson.

wcnews said...

Yes, there is a Democratic candidate running against Rep. Krusee. Her name is Karen Felthauser and she can take him down with everyone's support, Here is her filing press release

Sal Costello said...

It looks like we have "2 Bites of the Apple".