Perry off to secret forum in Turkey

Turkey flies to Turkey for Secret Conference

The Dallas News just reported that Mr. 39% is “flying to Istanbul, Turkey, today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders”. The article states:
“Those who attend promise not to reveal what was discussed, security is tight, and the press and public are barred.”
The by-invitation-only elite secret society of central bankers, defense experts, mass media press barons, legislators, and CEOs from around the world will meet behind closed doors to advance their global agenda. Included in the batch of “big-wigs” is a group from Spain. Can CINTRA/TxDOT Tolls Roads be very far behind?

As of today, Perry has yet to sign his SB 792 fake toll moratorium bill, perhaps he'll forget about it. Perry says exemptions in SB 792 allow important toll road projects to continue - no kidding, someone tell CW. Perry denies he had promised anyone to sign the bill.

This CNN VIDEO and another clip from the History Channel discusses Bilderberg plans for "New World Order".

Another Blogger asks if Perry's visit violates the law, with "Rick Perry's Bilderberg Visit Violation Of Logan Act?"


Anonymous said...

I wish our politicians would listen to the desperate needs of our own citizens rather than the interests of the global elite.

Anonymous said...

These toll roads cost over 5 dollars a day if you use it both to and from work. I am personally do not drive on them because I am too poor to afford the extra expense which is 50.00 every ten days or so. Why should Americans have to pay tolls to a construction consortium from Spain just to drive to work. Public opinion polls are overwhelmingly against this option. Be a REAL republican, Rick Perry and see what the principals of your party were founded on!