Burka Says Texas Senators Are A Bunch of Lilly-Livered Chickenshitt Cowards!

Paul Burka, Senior Executive Editor of Texas Monthly, says his sources say Gov. Perry will veto the 2 year moratorium. Burka then forecasts the Texas Senate will not have the backbone to override the veto against Mr. 39%. Burka says the Senate will fold “like tinfoil before August.”

The following is taken from the Burka blog, as well as the dialog in the comments area. Paul Burka said:

“...House Bill 1892 will not become law in its present form.
Governor Perry will veto the bill. He will never accept the primacy of the metropolitan toll authorities over Tx-DOT. I believe the Senate will fail to override the veto. Even if both houses override, however, the game is not over. Perry will call a special session on transportation. If the Legislature fails to send him a bill he can live with (which repeals the objectionable provisions of 1892), he will call another special session. And another. This is war. The Legislature can avoid the showdown by recalling 1892, in which case Perry could allow the stand-alone moratorium to become law. I don't believe the Legislature has the stomach for this fight.”
Patricia Kilday Hart said:
“...I would not underestimate the strong anti-Perry sentiment in the Senate. Perry's comments yesterday about taxpayers being left out of this session's work only fueled the urge (which has existed since the HPV order) to poke a thumb in the governor's eye...”
Paul Burka said:
“...Do I have a good reason to believe, after having talked to folks close to the governor, that he will veto the bill? Yes. Can I make a judgment about what the governor might do based upon my years of knowing him? I think so. On most policy issues, Perry does not really get engaged. But he has been fully engaged in transportation from the start of his governorship, and he thinks his policy is right, and he will not give in. If he keeps calling the Legislature into special session, eventually the Legislature will have to give in. This time they won't go to Ardmore. I-35 is too crowded. One more thing. Anonymous, if you want to believe that the Legislature is not allowed itself to be bullied, how many years have you been watching Texas politics? Talk is cheap in this world.

They'll crumple like tinfoil before August.”


Sal Costello said...


"A veto and fight thereafter would surely let voters know who should stay and who should go in the 2008 elections.� For those with no fear of private life, this could be a mandated-path back home."

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Texans voted this man back as Governor in the last election! Will you please STOP voting this A@$hole back into our great state of TEXAS,USA ?