Third Times the Charm?

TxDOT's Ric Williamson (appointed by Mr. 39% Perry himself) has been pushing tolls on roads we've already paid for, as well as the TTC land grab schemes for many years. This Statesman editorial article says it's given him two heart attacks, and Williamson said the third one could get him the "dirt nap". That Ric is such a tease:

"Taking a real toll. In the upcoming June issue of Texas Monthly magazine, senior editor and political columnist Paul Burka writes about Ric Williamson, chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission and architect of the much-despised Trans-Texas Corridor toll road. Burka described Williamson as the most hated man in Texas because of his devotion to the corridor.

But the longtime political columnist also wrote that Williamson is one of the most inventive minds in Texas politics, though one with a personality so prickly it courts enemies. In the interview, Williamson said his six years on the commission have been hard on his health.

He said he's had two heart attacks since joining the commission, "and I'm trying to avoid the third one, which the doctors tell me will be fatal.""


Sal Costello said...

Hi Sal,

I'm a newby to the Texas Toll Party and just wanted to thank you for
your efforts on behalf of the forgotten Texas taxpayer.

I am going to make a point of reading your blog at least every other day and just posted a comment regarding Ric Williamson's heart attack "problem."

I have long been unconventional in my views and have never hesitated in speaking out. It probably cost me dearly during my working career but
right is right and wrong is just plain wrong!

The current regime in state guv'ment is serving us poorly. In fact, the only thing that Perry has uttered that has merit was his opinion that CHL holders should be able to carry anywhere.

Anyway, Thanks again for your efforts!



Richard Walker said...

It would be helpful to voters if someone would publish how our representives voted on the bills and something stating if the bill supported or opposed toll roads. While most Texans oppose toll roads few have or will take the time to research exactly how the vote impacts them. Certainly we cannot count on the mainstream to report how our representives voted.