TEXAS MONTHLY: The battle over the transportation bill is hot hot hot.

And in the comment section by William Lutz:

"David Dewhurst wants to be the next governor of Texas, here's what he ought to consider: telling the Senators that if the House overrides a veto of HB 1892, he will have a recorded vote on the override -- win or lose..."

the Trans-Texas Corridor and the state's current transportation policies are radioactive -- both in the general and primary elections (of both parties). Any senator with future political aspirations or a desire to run statewide would not want to take a recorded vote in favor of the Trans-Texas Corridor. If Dewhurst tells senators there will be a recorded vote, it would likely ensure that the veto would be overridden. Under such a scenario, Dewhurst could legitimately take credit for killing the Trans-Texas Corridor, which would help him in the 2010 Republican primary...."

"...If some of the fine print in these comprehensive development agreements gets more publicity, voters in both parties will be even more upset. The electorate is deeply concerned about what's going on at the Department of Transportation and ethics in Texas government in general, and no amount of direct mail or poll-tested misinformation will change that fact."

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