Govs pro-veto peeps get slammed by CorridorWatch.com's Linda Stall!

"HB1892 has become the hottest issue of the 2007 session. Threats to the Legislature fly out of the Governor's Office while TxDOT continues waving its arms. Is anyone listening?

Chairman Carona is working to clean-up HB1892 and keep the moratorium in law.

HB1892 hasn't been signed - or vetoed. If Senator Carona has his way the threatened veto won't happen. Instead he and others are working to use a Senate bill to "improve" provisions of HB1892. CorridorWatch is told that the 2-year moratorium and CDA buyback safeguards will remain unaffected.

Dates to watch: May 18 and May 28.

If Carona is to be successful he must move the new bill (SB792) through the Senate and House before the May 18 veto deadline for HB 1892. Until the session ends on May 28 almost anything can happen.

Federal funding threat long on drama, short on substance.

On May 9, 2007, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters confirmed in a letter to U.S. Senator Hutchison that HB1892 "can be implemented in a manner consistent with Federal Law" and "would not affect the State's eligibility for funding under the Federal-aid highway program.""


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