Firms that benefit fund Hays County roads campaign

Special Interests (developers, builders and engineering firms) are spending tens of thousands of dollars to sell a $172 million road construction package on the May 12 ballot in Hays County. Hays Future Now PAC has collected over $83,000 in contributions, thirteen times as much as Citizens for Responsible Roads, who oppose the $9,000,000 dollars a mile road bond scheme that has the county paying for state roads.

Contributers to the special interest PAC include engineering firms that have already been awarded contracts on the road projects (if approved by voters): Klotz Associates Inc.; Dannenbaum Engineering Corp.; Carter & Burgess Inc.; and Lockwood, Andrews & Newman.

Former Pct. 3 Commissioner Bill Burnett, who voted to toll roads we've already paid for, is working for Dannenbaum Engineering Corp, as he did while he was working for the county, a conflict of interest. Records show Gov. Perry has received more than $150,000 from President of Dannenbaum Engineering, James D. Dannenbaum, who does road work for TxDOT.

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