Bravo to David Price of Austin for getting a letter to the editor published in the Statesman. I don't know David personally, but I looked him up in our database and he's a member of TexasTollParty.com for almost 2 years.

YOU can help educate many thousands of Texans in minutes as well - just send a letter to your editor as an email! Make it 150 words or less, include your name, address and phone number for verification. Click here to find YOUR local newspaper(s).

David's letter as published in the Statesman yesterday:

"Paying for roads

I do not think we should be paying for toll roads, period. I think roads across the entire state should be financed by the tax on gasoline, with the areas of highest need getting the most funds. This system worked for years, resulting in a great highway system in Texas.

My knee-jerk reaction when I hear that toll roads are a better way to finance roads is to put a hand on my wallet. Public transportation should be for the benefit of all, with costs spread across the entire state.

I am incensed that existing roads are being considered for "managed lanes." Didn't we pay for these roads already?

I would certainly prefer to pay five or 10 cents more per gallon, which equates to $150 per year versus the $20 per week our local toll roads cost me.


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