Term “Krusee-fied” Sweeps the House

Mass disrespect in the Capitol has spurred the new word "Krusee-fied".

House members coined a new term, "Krusee-fied", as a spin off of "crucified" for Rep. Mike Krusee’s fall from power, according to an knowledgeable inside source.

With this grand demeaning gesture, the House Transportation chair Krusee has lost his power to persuade. Many house members first felt betrayed by Krusee in 2003 with HB 3588, the legislation that enabled public highways to be shifted to tollways for the first time in the US, as well as the TTC land grab.

Over the years, numerous Reps have expresses they felt tricked by Krusee and the summery for HB 3588. Reps were not told what was actually in the bill. Reps don’t have the time to read the thousands of bills that come across their desk, so trust and the bill summery become the important factors in voting decisions (when deals, bribes and blackmail isn’t involved).

Just recently Krusee tried in vein to move votes on his own transportation committee with no avail. The whole house has ignored his attempt at leadership as well. Case in point, just this month HB 1892 passed the house with a 139-1 vote. The lone nay vote was State Sen. Mike Krusee, which was when the term "Krusee-fied" began to spread. And earlier this week, Krusee was disrespected again as he was left off the important list of conferees for SB 792.

As my source described the new term "Krusee-fied" they also stated, “Krusee is the laughingstock of the House".

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