TxDOT Flushes $300 million!

TxDOT’s press release from yesterday says TxDOT has to return $300 million dollars to the federal government, because they failed to use the money Uncle Sam gave them.

That's on top of another $305 million TxDOT failed to use over the past 15 months, for the same error.

Throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars while you cry that you’ve run out of money doesn’t really make sense. In the meantime, Gov. Perry's TxDOT, has been taking billions of our tax dollars, intended for free roads, and diverting them into toll roads. Will someone be fired over this blatant waste? Probably not.

In response, TxDOT has planned a public meeting to hear suggestions on how the latest federal cuts could be absorbed. Can you say "more toll roads"?

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