Toll Road Giant Buys Firm from Presidential Candidate

By Newspaper.com, 3/7/07

After snapping up local newspapers in Texas critical of a multi-billion dollar toll road proposal, Australia's Macquarie Bank is seeking favor from a leading presidential candidate. The toll road giant announced on Monday that it would purchase Giuliani Capital Advisors LLC, a company founded in December 2004 by Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. READ MORE OF THE ARTICLE HERE.


Trey Neal Photography said...

Not sure that I like the way that article reads... Will Rudy be willing to sell the rest of the country to foreign investors?

Richard Reeves said...

The Waller County folks didn't find the real meat behind the MacQuarie/Giuliani buyout.

According to the following report, Giuliani bought an investment banking firm in 2004 for $9.8 million and is now selling to MacQuarie for somewhere in the area of $80 to $100 million.