BREAKING NEWS: House speaker Tom Craddick refereed HB 2772 to the Transportation Committee today.

Inside sources say Craddick’s referral suggests the political pressure has become too great and he is telling the chair of Transportation, Rep. Mike Krusee, to bring it up for a vote.

Constituent phone calls into Krusee’s office in support of the two year toll moratorium have been met with argumentative office staff. The staff has been holding the pro-toll line, telling consituents that other consituents want tolls. Some would say that one of Krusee’s recent quotes, “Toll roads are enormously popular", would challenge his understanding of reality.

HB 2772, which will freeze any future toll privatization deals, for two years, was filed last week by Rep. Lois Kolkhorst. The former pro-toll TxDOT Commissioner gone rogue, Senator Robert Nichols, filed the identical SB 1267 days before.

25 Texas Senators (81%) and nearly 100 State Representatives have signed on to date according to the CorridorWatch.org scorecard.

Two-thirds of both bodies is the magic number. That way a bill can pass without the possibility of a veto from Gov. Rick Perry. The TTC and tolling freeways are Gov. Perry’s push. The Governors own website uses the term, “creative financing”, which sounds more appetizing than the truth - tolling roads we've already paid for.

Back in 2003, Rep. Mike Krusee’s HB 3588 was the bill that allowed the tolling of roads we’ve already paid for (tolling freeways), as well as the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), and the Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDA). CDAs allow the toll deals to be secret.

Many in the legislature have said they were tricked by HB 3588’s summery, hence the large numbers hearing the cries from the public, as they line up to say yes to the moratorium.

The most astonishing fact about the two year toll freeze - the majority of Krusee’s own Transportation Committee have turned their backs on Krusee, and signed up to freeze Texas tolls. Five of the nine committee members that have signed on are Haggerty, Harper-Brown, Harless, Macias, and Murphy.

An inside source says the toll freeze bill is a virtual lock, especially if the public continues to phone Representatives, and gave details.

If Krusee was to try and stall the bill, the bill caption is broad enough to go to almost any other committee.

And, if Craddick would change his support, and not take it to other committee, the bill would just be brought up as an amendment to another bill, and with the majority already on board, it’s a slam dunk. That is also why Craddick is on board, because he has to be, or he looks bad.

Looks like a cold spring is coming for the special interests.


Anonymous said...

Great work, Sal - you are right on!

Sal Costello said...


My bill? It's not my car!

Must be a mistake — I received a toll bill for my old car and license plates. But it's my mistake; I thought the car was no longer mine when I signed the title over to the dealer. Our Legislature authorized the toll roads to steal our money for tolls we don't control.

How many people know to file a Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification with the Texas Department of Transportation when selling a car? Until the state receives a buyer's title application or your MVTN, you're on the hook for tolls that a buyer (or test drivers) incur with your old car.

Folks at Texas Tollways cheerfully tell you about it, though they insist you have to pay "your" tolls. Oh, and filing with TxDOT costs you $5.

So when you sell or trade a car, get ready to pay another hidden tax with your MVTN form. And keep your license plates.

Cedar Park

Sal Costello said...

If your Representative has not yet signed onto the bill we need you to redouble your efforts to help encourage them. Ask your friends and family to contact their Representatives today if they have not signed on.

If your Representative has signed on, please turn your attention to Speaker Craddock. Call Speaker Craddick's Office at 512.463.1000

Sal Costello said...

Peter Samuels of pro-toll TollRoadsNews.com, seems to be having a nervous breakdown about the toll freeze going down in Texas!

In his last article he says part time Texas Legislators are "like sheep":

In another article, Samuels says Sen. Nichols, who filed the Senate bill is "a bit slow"

: )

Sal Costello said...



Hope you take hyena as a compliment. see caption:



Peter, my freeway tolling pal, the hyena has one of the strongest jaws in the animal kingdom - able to crunch through bones like they were mere saltines.


Sal Costello said...


Sal -

I just received your latest "BREAKING NEWS" report, and I thank you once again. For sure, you are a true Texas Legend, and history will remember the boundless efforts you've committed to take on this enormous challenge. We won't LET history forget !

Meanwhile, we congratulate you on the incredible success(es), and will continue the fight on this end, beginning once again with my OWN representive - that little chubby-faced local boy, neighbor, and even schoolmate of our kid a few years back here in Dripping Springs.....Patrick Rose.

This is so out of character for that boy, I can't even figger it out.

But for sure he WILL sign on, unless some of Perry's thugs have a squeeze hold on him or something. Maybe they've threatened his parents...maybe their little family real estate firm. I don't know. But with community outcry, he'll come around. Hopefully today

Thanks again,


Go get Rose signed up George!
You can do it!