Texas Toll Road Wars Round-Up

There is a ton of press over legislation concerning tolling tax paid roads and the land grabbing TTC this week. Here’s just a few links from our great Texan friend at TTC News Archives. Years of archived news reports of the boondoggles, all in one place!

Many lawmakers question if Texas drivers are being sold down the road in Dallas News.

There is something unTexan about these 'Lexus highways', in The Economist (UK)

We must closely evaluate private toll contracts before we sign away half a century of control of our transportation system in Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Many provisions in recent toll contracts are alarming in Assciated Press.

"This scheme makes the railroad robber barons of the old west look like street corner hustlers"
from The Hardin County News (Lumberton, TX)

Sen Nelson says, “When the legislation was approved for the TTC we didn’t realize we were giving up all we gave up. We should have asked more questions.” in Fort Worth Star-Telegram

(higher gas prices equal less folks are able to be gauged at the toll booths)

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