Don't Tag Texas Photo Essay of March to the Capitol Steps

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A Sea of Texans, a Coalition, Take a Stand
against Tolls, TTC and Animal Tagging!
Thinking of Mr. 39%

Our pal, grammy award winner, Jimmy Vaughan wows the crowd.
Rep. Colman says, "Do you know what
managed lanes are? They are toll roads!"
Rep. Kolkhorst stands with Texans against the special interests.


G.F. "Hookman" Brown said...

Great Pix,Keep up the Good Work.

Anonymous said...

Great Pix! We're proud to be among the True Texans to stand up for what is right and fight against what is wrong!
At the Senate hearing on Thursday I tried to give Kirk Watson a No-TTC sticker for his lapel while he was being interviewed on camera, and he said,"What's that?" When I showed him the sticker, he said, "Not YET..."
So I'm sure he will turn his flag in the direction of the political wind that blows, and he knows all about blowing!
Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

You all are over looking one area that puts the spot light on how TxDot misuses funds. Airports. FAA tells airport sponsors how to cook the books for fundinf ,\. Then gives the funds for the block grants to TxDot who is in on the corruption. There are some folks out here with the data to supports these assertions but no body cares.