Letters to Editor Last Week

Hike up the gas tax

Texas reportedly will receive close to $3 billion over the 50-year life of the give-away to Cintra to build Texas 121 north of Dallas. It also seems that the toll for the 23-mile trip along 121 will be about $3.33 now and will increase to over $13. Forget calling it a "possible" increase. If it can be increased, it will. It is very unlikely that Cintra will leave profits on the table.

Consider this: The 20 cents per gallon gasoline tax generated about $3 billion for Texas in fiscal year 2006. So a simple increase of 20 cents per gallon in the gasoline tax would generate $150 billion over the next 50 years for Texas. That is more money every year than the Cintra deal will provide for the entire 50 years of the "deal."

Some deal. What a shame we don't have recall elections for the governor in Texas.


Selling our souls

What is all of the fuss about toll roads? Our leaders don't have the guts to tax us and our gasoline to pay for the roads that we demand to have, and we are selfish dreamers who take all our luxuries for granted and expect others to pay for our roads.

Our poorest folks are richer than 80 percent of the world and yet we refuse to give up our $5 cups of coffee, our big-screen TV sets, our luxury SUVs and oversized houses to pay for roads to drive on.

It is a terrible shame when our selfish and narrow-minded attitudes force our leaders to seek foreigners to finance our roads (and take the profits) because we refuse to pool our resources to build our own roads.

We are selling our souls because it will keep us happy for a short time — just as we get cars and TVs on credit because it makes us feel good for a little while.

Round Rock

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