TxDOT hid $1 Billion accounting error for 6 months!

Says the Houston Chronicle HERE


Anonymous said...

I read the report cover to cover. I guess we will see if it can actually get any traction to start getting some heads rolling. Being an X TxDOT employee, I am not holding my breath.

I found it funny (not funny "ha, ha") that the American Statesman did not pick up on the fact the report made reference that the "financial crisis” when the Feds reduced TxDOT’s obligation authority by only 0.5 percent since 2006. Nice to know TxDOT cannot "manage" itself out of a 0.5 percent fluctuation in funding. Nice....REAL NICE.

But Perry is perfectly okay with using TxDOT to sell off our roads to foreign investors for 50 to 75 years. Is the State Audit Office going to audit those contracts to make sure they could do the fuzzy, crystal ball, traffic manipulating math?

Get rid of them all and get someone who can actually do higher math running that outfit. And while they are at it, it would be VERY nice to get someone who actually cares about serving the public and not developers, consultants, contractors and anyone else who will “scratch” their back and line their pockets.

odin said...

Sadly The back scracthing will never go away. Like congress itself, people in the ranks here will always make sure that they have the next groomed Governor, Exect. Director. D.E. DOA. ect ect, ready to fill the empty slots so that can always continue the tradition of lining his or her pocket with no regards to the actual job they perform. Most of the people, not all, in these position are self served individuals. They could care less about the people. They have no regard for the fact that they have a customer. As it is put to us by our supervisor, the individuals that drive the roads are our customers. And that's correct. We were hired to provide a service and the highway traveler should get that service with a smile. This is truly a frustrating time and the public should know more than they have been told.

This audit shows that the upper ranks in Austin and in the districts as well constantly do whatever it takes to hide the truth and hope that they can "sweep it under the rug" and hop that nobody finds out. Quoting one TxDOT administration individual involved in accounting WITHOUT any degree or training in that field when acquiring A service that was unnecessary and costly , "It's all in how you word it" AND "If it was said and not written then it did not happen".
Believe, me TxDOT admins do most of their communication verbally so that you cannot hold them accountable when the proverbial Sh** hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

of course they did! it took them 6 months to figure out how they could try and fabricate a LIE about it!!

Anonymous said...

To Whom it May Concern:

I have received a toll violation letter for 183 A Northbound Lakeline Plaza:

I have never gone through toll booths without paying.

If I did not pay something I should have, it was not properly marked.

My reference no. with Central Texas , Regional Mobility Authority is 139098.

My supposedly $.60 fee is now a whomping $31.60.

I feel that when more and more of our roads our turned into tolls, we lose our basic freedoms.

What can I do?


Anonymous said...

nothing like making a 1 billion accounting error and NOT getting fired. wow what a cool company to work for! i bet i could get away with smoking a joint in the bathroom and looking at internet porn all day at a job like this!!

Anonymous said...

Nahh, only if you are above a certain pay grade. There seems to be a line in the pay scale somewhere that says when you can get away with pot smoking, $1 billion accounting errors, golfing during work hours, 2 day work weeks, etc., etc. All those below that line actually have to follow the rules and policies of TxDOT.

Anonymous said...