Krusee no-show on DWI arraignment

Toller Rep. Mike "Swinger" Krusee, who was arrested for DUI a few months ago, failed to show up for his arraignment. Read about it in the Statesman HERE.


Anonymous said...

He'll get off. I know people who have to pay a lot and do community service but get DWI off their records for not providing blood or breath sample. Without a sample, it can be difficult to convict. Can argue that the balance test, or whatever, is not conclusive. Can argue that other test wasn't conclusive. Loophole for drunks in the know.

Anonymous said...

Kruse is probably using his own toll revenue (a.k.a. kickbacks or bribes) to cover his legal fees. Kruse is just one mouth for the trolling consortium of wealthy special interests greedy for more at any cost and screw the common good.

Anonymous said...

To advertise the name and face is priceless. I want to see From Dist. 21 office: Chano Falcon, Noe Beltran, and Ray Llanes who were indicted on bribery charges in April of 2008 by the Houston FBI office and they have yet to be sentenced. Government manangement seems to have diplomatic immunity.