NASCO tells citizens to "get with the plan or get out of the way.”

Cox addresses speed limits, other considerations at TTC meeting

By ANDY HOGUE, Gainesville Daily Register

Though stalled in the water for now, discussion on the Trans-Texas Corridor 35 project continues, according to a report from Cooke County’s representative on the project.

Sheila Cox, who was a vocal opponent to the multi-modal toll road project when first presented to the public, was appointed to a regional corridor advisory committee last year. Cox submitted a summary of the advisory committee’s actions from July 23 in Austin, in which she said the project is far from being “dead.”

“... The TTC is still very much alive and continues as a threat to all Texans,” she said in her summary, which appeared in its entirety in the July 25 Register.

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Anonymous said...

and yet another reason to hate toll roads. Someone cloning your TxTAG id and charging you when they drive through the tollbooth. Or worse yet, blaming you for being in a certain location when you're at home.

Just saw the video but it looks like they removed it.

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