San Antonio toll road authority members (with no toll roads) grab top salaries from taxpayers

Toll-road salaries top $1 million

by Patrick Driscoll, San Antonio Express-News

A local agency's salaries and benefits to plan and eventually operate toll roads will come to $1.2 million in the upcoming fiscal year, including two people yet to be hired.

(Alamo Regional Mobility Authority)

Alamo Regional Mobility Authority leader Terry Brechtel will pull the highest pay — with a $177,407 base and up to $23,527 to cover a cost of living increase and a performance bonus.

Terry Brechtel

The $200,934 total isn't too far from the $206,000 she made in 2004 as San Antonio's city manager, when she oversaw a $1.5 billion budget and 12,000 employees. She quit that job after a run-in with then-mayor Ed Garza.

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Anonymous said...

These tollers can't stop technology. One day we'll have motorcycles or cars that can hover and we won't need roads at all. They'll be fucked. Governments didn't predict the world wide web nor did they predict the invention of the iPhone, and we're enjoying sales tax holidays on some stuff bought on the net. Even movie makers in the 80's didn't forsee cellphones- back to the future II had payphones on sidewalks. America's best and brightest will invent a way around this bullshit. I love high gas prices- forces people to work on and buy alternatives to gas guzzlers. Just hope that whatever's invented won't be bought and shut down by the tollers and oil companies.