Radio Interview About Krusee's Double Tax Toll Schemes

Rep Mike Krusee has gone off to Utah to sell "freeway tolls". I just did an interview with a public radio reporter from Salt Lake City, Utah.

He saw my blog and wanted to know more about Krooked Krusee and his transportation "ideas". See my post below to get an idea of what I told him.

The story will be up on www.kcpw.org MONDAY.


Anonymous said...

Krusse's responsible for the decline of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Krusse is wrong. We should write Utah and tell them how much we hate the inefficient toll roads here. Krusse is wrong- there's no way to guarantee a congestion free tollway, even if tolls are $20 a mile. Why? Because accidents happen. Accidents clog up the roadway. People are stupid. DWI's happen. People fall asleep at the wheel. Mechanical failure. Driving while texting, talking, or spacing out, or having a seizure. The only guaranteed congestion-free form of transportation is monorail. Train transit is close, but two days ago a train derailed on Lamar near 3rd. Even reliable trains like the DeutcheBahn (german) and the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) have derailed at times. Monorail does not derail. So, Krusse should be supporting monorail if he's true to his word. Monorail can't derail unless something ridiculously catastrophic happens- if terrorist blows up the tracks or if there's a major earthquake. Same risk for toll roads.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Krusee lost his license within 45 days of arrest as is required by the Automatic License Revocation law? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Would have been cool to print like hundreds of copies of Krusee's DWI mugshot and handed it out at the meeting in Utah. Also write in the date he was supposed to show up for his arraignment.