More Tax Dollars and Debt - Sen. Watson Gets More Toll Roads for Austin

TxDOT to Get a Cash Infusion

The Texas Transportation Commission, taking its cue from state leaders, today decided to borrow another $1.5 billion that would be paid back by future gas taxes.

That borrowing authority, granted on a unanimous vote of the five-member commission in a specially called meeting this morning, will allow TxDOT to issue more than $4 billion in contracts this year. At least $1.1 billion of that would be for maintenance projects. But the remainder, almost $3 billion, would allow much greater spending to expand the state road system than in the fiscal year now ending, a year when TxDOT had to shelve many road projects.

That 2008 crunch directly affected the Austin area, where local leaders had approved a $1.45 billion plan to build five more toll roads based on a promise of several hundred million dollars from TxDOT. Politicians here, particularly state Sen. Kirk Watson, were incensed when TxDOT reneged on that promise only a few weeks after a tough October 2007 vote on the toll roads.

TxDOT executive director Amadeo Saenz could not say with certainty today whether the move to issue the $1.5 billion in gas tax bonds will restore all of that funding to Austin.

“It could help Austin,” Saenz said. “We want to make sure we get projects that are ready to go in 2009.”

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will be building the first of those five projects, an expansion of U.S. 290 from Northeast Austin to Manor that would include toll express lanes and improved frontage roads. However, officials with the authority this week indicated that environmental and engineering work likely will not be ready in time for construction to begin until late 2009. That would be beyond the state’s fiscal 2009 year, which begins Monday.

Saenz indicated that some of the $1.5 billion would be spent on engineering and right of way purchases, readying projects in anticipation of even more borrowing authority to come. TxDOT could borrow an additional $1.4 billion against the gas tax in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Austin’s projects could see some of that engineering money, or some of the $1.4 billion if TxDOT follows through and takes on that debt as well.

And if the Legislature passes additional legislation next year, the agency could borrow up to $5 billion more that voters approved under the Proposition 12 constitutional amendment in November. Those bonds would be paid back by general state revenue, not gas taxes.

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Anonymous said...

so what the hell does this mean. They now have money to build more damn toll roads instead of free roads? And we'll have to repay these bonds with gas tax dollars? And the tolling companies don't have to pay a dime for the roads- just collect our money?

Anonymous said...

You SIR are CORRECT! 5:58

Anonymous said...

so WHO can we vote out (locally) this November?



Sal Costello said...

Precinct Three Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty - HE VOTED FOR FREEWAY TOLLS TWICE.

Anonymous said...

I just don't "get it"! Gas taxes are the MOST user indexed tax there is! The more you drive, the more you taxes you pay. IF,because of more efficient vehicles, inflation, whatever, THEN THE SPINELESS POLITICIANS NEED TO RAISE THE GAS TAX! DUH!!! Index to inflation and ever increasing fuel efficiency if you can't stomach to do the right thing and raise taxes by your vote!

Anonymous said...

o yes that slimeball Gerald Daugherty- just looking at that arrogant jerk off during the CAMPO meetings last year made me want to wring his neck!! i hope this POS gets kicked to the curb!