"We're paying to build a road for private companies, and now we're continuing to subsidize the private company. This just gets worse and worse."

Toll-Lanes Contract Could Cost State

Deal to Allow Free Carpooling on Beltway Project Might Leave Virginia Owing Millions

By Eric M. Weiss, The Washington Post

Rising gas prices are increasing transit and carpool use, which normally would be a good thing in the traffic-choked Washington region.

But under an agreement Virginia signed with the private companies building high-occupancy toll [HOT] lanes on the Capital Beltway, the state could be liable for millions of dollars a year if too many carpoolers, who will be exempt from tolls, use the lanes.

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Anonymous said...

If I ever get elected to public office I wouldn't pay the Fluor-Transurban or Cintra a dime despite the contract. I'd violate it in a heartbeat and see what they'd do about it. I'd go on TV and say screw you. The USA can default on what it wants just like any other customer. Cintra would have to invade the USA to get their (our) money. But that's not how Washington and state government works. It's all about spending money in wasteful ways not saving money. Rob from the people, give to the rich backstabbing lazy cheaters who've never done a hard or honest day of work in their life.