odin said...

Thank you very much to whomever put that together. That's What EXACTLY you go through when you work at TXDOT. Those words describe what is used on TXDOT's own employees.

Finally someone took the words out of our mouths.

Anonymous said...

the ending is too funny regarding the question of TRUST:

"thats a hard question to answer"

of course it is!! all they know is how to LIE!!!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the ShamWOW commercial and could not help but picture TxDOT when they try to sell you the Toll Ways.

Heck TxDOT should hire that salesman. That way they can talk their way out of the Sunset cross hairs.

WoW..It's just a Sham....WoW

Anonymous said...

Sal, there is no trust among the real working people within TxDOT. All of the comments that have been posted are true of this organization. The real work force is reaching out to our elected officials to see that the right thing is done to stop this so called restructure. This should start at the top where all the redundancies are within TxDOT. Our top so called leaders asked the advice of big contractors whom does business with the department on how they conduct their business. this is how they came up with the secret plan of restructuring. Again take care of the ones that pad their pockets. and let the working force who have worked for the department twenty plus years pay for the mismanagement of TxDOT. this is how our administration treats it own to save their ass. The selected interim managers who are engineers don't have a conscious of what they are doing to the lives of the soon to be displaced personnel whom they have labeled of being transparent, redundant and inefficient of the work we do for the public.If the media and elected officials took a real good that the problems start at the top whom are engineers that have never given an honest days work. most of them have never experienced the real world and have only worked for TxDOT they say that if they worked in the private sector they would be expected to work. so they choose to stay where they draw a big check for doing nothing. I encourage all whom read these comments demand the truth of what our administration is really trying to hide from its employees and public. now the two minute warning has been passed on to media and elected officials.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago TxDOT unveiled it's great and mighty "Regionalization" model. The three key points that were repeated again and again were "Efficiency, Accountability, & Transparency". I'm wondering when these things are going to start??? I stood there listening to our D.E. say that he couldn't answer a particular question b/c it hasn't been released yet? There playing with working people's jobs and lives, and they don't want to let you know ahead of time, that you'll have to move half-way across that state if you want to keep your job??? This is ridiculous. This is all just smoke and mirrors to try and get Sunset off their backs. This doesn't make sense. Another layers of bureaucracy (Region) that only reports to the Admin, is crazy. Lets a throw another layer in the mix, and call that efficiency. And accountability?? I'd like to show a $1.1 B loss and get a promotion for it!! But my name isn't James Bass.