Raked over the Coals

Did you know that you are a frog, and you are in a pot of water that is slowly beginning to boil?

If you live in Central Texas and have Pendernales Electric as a provider, the rate went up like 3/4 of a cent last January, which a couple months ago I figured was like a 16% increase. The new rate was .09618 per kWh. I don't recall the Statesman doing a story on that massive increase - do you?

NOW I Notice, in this months statement that they have yet another increase! WTF? Another increase at .0106 cent this month! The new rate is now .10678 per kWh.

And they blame LCRA within the text on this recent statement (someone please start a blog on all these crooks, especially the LCRA quasi government scam). Most folks will not read the paragraph on the statement, so they won't even know about the steep increase.

HERE IS THE REAL KICKER: Pendernales does NOT list the cost of the kWh anywhere on the statement! I just called them and their excuse is "we've never done it". THAT is just as absurd as increasing rates under the radar.

If you want to know more about how life as you know it will continue to change, watch the award winning movie "Crude Impact" (dvd).


Anonymous said...

I wish I could pay $.10678 a kWh - my rate is over $0.15 a kWh here in the metroplex.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

Do they list the cost for the kWh on your statement?

Anonymous said...

You won't get much sympathy from the DFW folks. I use Gexa, and my nominal kWh is around $.014, but after all fees and line charges are added I am just over $0.18 per kWh. That was a few months ago, so it may have gone up.