Texas tollers' bureaucratic dispute over cash leads to bottleneck

Unaccountable toll taxes always cost more, especially as toll bureaucracies expand. And, don't forget, when they talk about one agency or another paying money...thats your tax dollars!!!

Gov. Perry (R) and Sen. Kirk Watson (D) and other crooks keep using our tax dollars to shift our public highways freeways to tollways in Texas. THAT'S A DOUBLE TAX!

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

The North Texas Tollway Authority will consider paying $26 million to the Texas Department of Transportation to end a dispute that threatens to delay the widening of Northeast Loop 820.

Bidders for the roadwork, which would
widen the four-lane bottleneck to six free lanes and four toll lanes, have been critical of the project because the tollway authority would collect the tolls but isn’t required to post a bond guaranteeing that the developer will be paid.

The $26 million would be placed in a special account that would be tapped only if the tollway authority is unable to perform its duties. In that event, toll collection would be turned over to the Transportation Department, which is already capable of collecting tolls electronically.

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