Smart growth is suddenly winning everywhere in response to energy economics

Roger Baker speaks out at AustinatIssue.com:

"The smart growth advocates have already won, and will keep winning so long as oil becomes less affordable. As it will so far as anyone can see into the future. Cities that do not adapt will lose.

Every city is going to have to make major adjustments to peak oil, if for no other reason than that their taxpayers are experiencing money stress rather suddenly, making oil a top political issue."
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Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. Smart growth means we waste less time in traffic and trim our fat asses and associated health problems by walking and biking everywhere instead of driving. There are very few overweight people in Europe and Japan because they can walk and take reliable affordable public transit everywhere. The question is, will Austin grow this way or are Perry and Cronies going to avoid building a ubiquitous monorail or elevated rail and instead screw us with more and more cookie cutter big box strip malls and unavoidable monopoly toll roads. I bet on the latter.

Richard Reeves said...

So-called "Smart-Growth" is brought to you by the same folks that are delivering toll roads AND record oil and gas prices, all whilst keeping the traffic congestion high!!

Looks like they will stampede us right into the corral.



Anonymous said...

The government pisses away my money no matter what. I'd rather have them piss a billion dollars away on a light rail system that should have cost a million than piss it away on other stuff that gives me no benefit. At least a rail is something and once it's built it's there forever. A rail to the airport is always on time and cheaper than a cab ride and never has to compete with automobile traffic. Rick Perry and all the tollers in the world can't take away my reliable ride to the airport once this is built.