TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Secret Bilderberg Conference

A stated by Burnt Orange Report:

"Yes, I'm sure he's flying all the way to Turkey to discuss something as lame as "state-federal relations". I'm sure there wouldn't happen to be any of the folks from the Spanish toll-road interests that stand to gain billions in investment from his TTC scheme."


Roscoe P. Coltrane said...


Here's a list of the participants. I have no idea if its legit or not but it was on the Wikipedia page (for whatever that's worth)


(Couldn't figure out how to link it so you'll have to copy & paste I suppose)

Anonymous said...

how do we as taxpayers get confirmed proof that his trip wasnt paid for with taxpayer money?

Transplanted Texan said...

Let's ask Rick to list the topics the Bilderberg meeting for us.