Charged Tolls - Didn't Drive Toll Road

Hello Sal,

I Traded my truck on Nov 10 2006 to a Dealer.

Some one is driving on toll roads and I am being charged for it, I just received another bill on 05/09/07, I cannot get it removed from my name.

If Forigen countrys get control of our toll roads how can anyone in this country deal with a forigen country when I cant deal with this one, also red light runners will be charged to me. This can happen to anyone who trades or sells a Vehicle. I have a Near perfect driving record.

Its like Identity Theft.

Valley View, TX 76272

Ps I am 76 Years of Age and my Wife is Disabled

Hello Don,

Call the dealer and tell them you want your plates back.

Always make sure you take your plates off the car, before you sell it - or the above will happen. This is just one of a thousand examples of the bureaucracy and waste of time and money of toll roads



Sal Costello said...



The sequence of events to change the title appear to be:

1. Inform the county tax office.

2. Inform TxDOT.

Take a look at the web address provided for a rundown of others who have
been inconvenienced by the archaic set of rules.

With TxTags who knows what the procedure ought to be.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if you are old and your wife is disabled. I guess you think you are entitled to something because of this?

This has nothing to do with identity theft. Just another old person thinking the world owes him something because he doesn't pay attention and wants everyone to pitty him