CTRMA, TX Tags, 183-A and Toll Roads with different instructions

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this points directly to one of my concerns regarding to many entities building toll roads as is already the case with RMA, RTA's, TxDOT, County Toll Authorities. Seems everyone is running its own path, and jsut wait until all this small ones can do private contracts and the private developers convince them of other new rules on roads and then the same goup even will have 2 or 4 different rules. I am rarely in favor of over centralization of power, but someone needs to take some control and insure standardized toll systems. Different rates are one thing but cash here, no cash their, video here, no video there, this will get hard to keep up with.

Either get rid of them all (not likely) or make sure they all have to have some minimum. I personally favor the tag and video combination as it eliminate the stop and go created by cash collections and the dangers often associated with cash collection. It is fact that a large majority of toll road accident happen in proximity to cash collection plaza's due to lane changes and differential speeds, so lets atleast be smart enough to utilize technilogy and make it as safe a possible.