Probe Widens: Cash Contributions from Contractors Pay for More Extravagant Parties (AND GIFTS for Each Toll Road Employee)

Hundreds of Toll Road Employees “Party It Up”
(and get GIFTS) - with Contractor Money

The Harris County Toll Road Authority hot seat is getting hotter, as an investigation is widening on how it solicited cash contributions from contractors for the personal benefit of toll road employees.

Houston Chronicle’s new report reveals that the Harris County Auditor's Office is just starting to peel back additional layers. Contractors were also invited to the extravagant parties, which cost about $33 a head, by my math:
“the party — with barbecue, a deejay and a gift for each employee — would cost about $30,000 based on a "pre-head count" of 900 attendees.”
And what does Mike Strech, who was retired/fired have to say about it?:
“Strech, who made $153,275 annually, said Tuesday he would not comment while under investigation by the district attorney's office.”
Auditors are looking at whether Electronic Transaction Consultants (ETC), a Toll Road Authority contractor, paid for an authority golf tournament in February. What do they have to say about it?
"We're not going to comment on this," ETC spokeswoman Carla Kienast said.
The expanding probe moves into additional toll authority past private Christmas parties, golf tournaments and summer outings during the past five years.

I told you Monday on this blog that they got fired, the Chron’s new report reveals that fact:
“In a letter delivered Thursday, Storey told Strech he would fire him if he didn't retire before the end of Friday. Strech retired, and his executive assistant, Diana Wilcox, resigned.”

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