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FM 1826 Re-Paving Issue: For TxDOT is it Just Business As Usual?

It's been more than 3 months since TxDOT determined to apply what it refers to as a "seal coat" over county roadway FM 1826, which extends from Highway 290 West in Travis County to FM 150 in Hays County. Since TxDOT performed that work, residents have been angered by what they state has been a lackluster job that was accomplished using inferior road materials. While TxDOT Hays County Area Engineer, Don Nyland disagrees with that assessment, the truth is that the road work increased the noise pollution by at least 50 percent and has created more of a traffic hazard at most --- if not all --- of the intersection along FM 1826.

Residents are becoming more irritated at TxDOT and Mr. Nyland because the increasing hazards are apparent along this small county road due to the high volume of traffic and development and the escalated use of the road by large and overweight construction vehicles, yet nothing tangible is being done to correct the problems. Another issue according to residents is more legal in focus, that the posted speed limit of 55 mph is too high for the condition of FM 1826 and that the limit is not being enforced on a consistent basis.

Hays County residents have come together in several groups to contact TxDOT, Rep. Patrick Rose and Hays County Commissioners in an effort to resolve the many issues re: FM 1826. While these officials have shown concern, little actual progress has been accomplished to resolve the issues.

What is happening here is that "No one wants to accept the responsibility for doing a faulty 'seal coat' job and to correct the more urgent problems [including the speed issue]," said resident Peter Stern.

Another resident, J. Moody, wrote in one of several emails to Engineer Nyland, "Some of the homes that are for sale along and near 1826, the biggest complaint by the people looking to purchase, is road noise. One home in particular is for sale way below appraisal value, all due to road noise. If this trend continues it will soon affect the value of properties sold, which will reduce revenue from property tax, which will effect the county."

While at first the issue is one regarding FM 1826, there are subsequent issues as well that need prompt resolution:

* Using better quality road materials when TxDOT performs road maintenance to provide better driving surface and eliminating noise pollution
* Quickly repairing the dangerous "smeared" intersections along FM 1826, which occurred as heavy trucks turned onto and off the road
* Rescheduling FM 1826 road repairs and corrective maintenance more expediently than is the current TxDOT plan
* Working with TxDOT to improve/widen the roadway and to modify the inadequate shoulders along FM 1826
* Working with Dept. of Public Safety and Sheriff's Departments to review the current high speed limit and the number of heavy and/or overweight vehicles using the road to consider applying any truck restrictions and/or speed limit changes
* Considering increased and more consistent law enforcement of the current speed limit along FM 1826.

This past week another traffic accident occurred along FM 1826 in Hays County and a vehicle drove off the road and onto a private property owned by Peter Stern and did fence-line damage. It is only a matter of time before more fatalities occur due to the inadequate road surface, drop-off shoulders and narrow lanes. It is a multifaceted problem that will NOT get better without intelligent and reasonable modifications. In fact, the problems currently regarding FM 1826 will only get worse. It is up to the communities of Hays and Travis Counties to force the issue for prompt resolution.

Travis County Resident should contact their officials.

To Contact Hays County Area Officials via email:

Area Engineer Don Nyland DNYLAND@dot.state.tx.us

Rep. Patrick Rose patrick.rose@house.state.tx.us

Hays County Commissioners:

Judge Liz Sumter lizsumter@com.hays.tx.us

Karen Ford karen.ford@co.hays.tx.us

Debbie Ingalsbe debbiei@co.hays.tx.us

Will Conley will.conley@co.hays.tx.us

Jeff Barton jeff.barton@co.hays.tx.us


Peter Stern, 16700 FM 1826, Driftwood, TX 78619

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