Rep. Coleman’s Bill Would STOP NEW TOLLS DEAD.

Rep. Garnett Coleman filed a House Bill that calls for a Moratorium on all new toll roads in Texas!
(House Bill 998) In 2005, the great Rep. Coleman filed a similar bill, CLICK HERE to see what Reps voted YES (The Good Eggs) and what Reps voted NO (The Bad Eggs) - see the small print in the middle of page.

"Texans already pay for state highways through the gasoline tax and now they're being asked to pay twice with tolls," Coleman told KTVT-TV. "So clearly, the public is being nickeled and dimed."

Coleman believes it is more efficient to use gasoline taxes to pay for road construction than to use tolls, which require an extensive and expensive collection infrastructure. Coleman is supported by a Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) study that found the TxDOT had exaggerated it's needs by $30 billion to make toll roads appear to be the only option for lawmakers. The TTI report (watch video here) found indexing the gas tax to inflation could replace the need for tolls.

Be sure to contact your Rep today, and tell them to vote YES for Coleman's Toll Moratorium for TxDOT - HB 998.

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