TxDOT Forcing Texans to Acquire TxTAGs

Email from Rachelle, with her permission. If you are with the press, contact me at sal@texastollparty.com if you wish to reach Rachelle:

Hello Sal,

I didn't know who else to contact besides the news media. And they don't always understand our concerns.

I have been on the AustinTollParty.com email list for several years and feel strongly about putting a toll tag on my vehicle. I feel like it is a violation of my right to privacy for the government to be able to track my where abouts and daily travel. I do not mind paying to use I-130 or SH-45. Those roads were initially intended to be toll roads. However, I absolutely refuse to put a tracking device on my car.

None the less, I have been carpooling with a guy from work who also pays cash to use the toll roads. This has happened to us on two occasions. When using I-130 on February 6, 2007 at approximately 4:45-4:55pm, we entered the North bound ramp to I-130 from Pecan in Pflugerville. We through our change into the bucket only for the sign to read "Lane Closed". So we paid our money and the booth was closed. The only other lane at that on ramp is for Tx Tags ONLY. There is no other way to enter the tollway and pay cash. When exiting off of SH-45 we informed the attendant that the booth was closed and that there was no other way to enter the ramp and pay cash. We were told that we would receive a bill in the mail and that we could dispute the bill if we knew the date and time the booth was closed. This sounds like a lot of work for their mistake.

When we were headed to work this morning (February 13, 2007 at 7:15-7:20am), we exited I-130 South bound at Pecan. Again, the cash lane stated "Lane Closed". We through our money into the bucket anyway and drove on. This is outrageous that they let you get on the tollway with no way to pay cash to exit. If they are going to let you on the tollway their should be a way for you to pay cash to exit or give you ample notice so you can exit early or later if the lanes are going to be closed. I am very concerned about this situation. In my own vehicle I avoid the toll road all together, but when carpooling with the other driver it is his decision to use the tollway and pay cash.

Also, during the month of January, my husband used my car and went through several toll plazas in the TxTag lane. Abby Gonzalez with Tx DOT has stated numerous times on the local news that we would be billed in the mail for these miss happs. However, here we are half way through February and I have not yet received an invoice for the tolls in January. This is slightly irritating to me because I am totally ready to pay for our usage, however the State has not been prompt about billing. I am worried that I will get the bill and it will only give me one or two days to pay or it will be past due.

Please see what you can do. I'm not sure if anything can be done. I just want everyone to know how dysfunctional the tollways are. Not to mention the 183A fiasco. That is just infuriating!! They are forcing people to purchase a Tx Tag to use the tollway. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I have listed my information below.

Thank you for your time,


Anonymous said...

I have had the exact same experience as you - at that same toll booth location and around that time frame. The gov is so irresponsible and only think of themselves... Well, that's not true, they opt to follow Satan, who is using our leaders to condition us into accepting tracking devices and other tactics to lure us into the One World Order. Anyway, if they're going to do this toll thing, all toll booths should be open at all times!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently moved from the Midwest where toll roads are the norm. Recently I took I-130 from Pflugerville to the end of the toll at I-183 to connect to I-35S towards San Antonio. I could not believe the way tolls are collected. One has to stop at every toll booth!!
What a waste of time!! Better suggestion as is done in the Midwest: collect a starting card at the entrance toll booth and pay toll at the exit toll booth. (As Archie Bunker would say: PAY AS YOU EXIT, DUMMY.)
I guess this is too easy for TXdot to figure out.
Also TXdot needs to do constant updating to bring us into August 2008!!