Breaking News: Toll bill hits bump in the road (click to read)

Update 6:15pm: QuorumReport.com reports "SENATE PASSES CHANGES TO SEND HB 1892 BACK TO THE HOUSE. The 40-year term on 121, 161 and managed lanes on 635 were stripped from bill. Legislation is on the way back to the other chamber."

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Sal Costello said...



I've been in Sydney, Australia for the past 5 weeks. Just after I arrived, the new Lane Cove tunnel opened - offering free passage for the first month. A week ago the tolls began. Today, I took the company shuttle to and from the office. When asked why the traffic was so bad today, the shuttle bus driver replied, "It's like this every day, ever since the Lane Cove tunnel opened. Everyone is on this road now in an attempt to avoid the toll." It was bumper to bumper for 2/3's of the way.


- Deborah