Susan sends an email about CAMPO Hearing last night in Kyle, TX

From Susan:

As regards today's TxDot hearing in Kyle.....I attended the 4pm meeting and submitted a ton of questions. There were only about 12 people in attendance and many of them were not regular citizens, but people like John Trube who was introduced as the "acting chair of CAMPO". Scary thought.

There were as many TxDot flunkies and functionaries there as "citizens". The reporter from the Wimberley View/Kyle Eagle was there and I gave her a list of my questions. I saw her scribbling down some of their answers. That should prove interesting journalistic fodder.

I submitted so many questions that I was considered practically a nuisance. I had printed them out on my home printer, took my scissors and glue stick to the meeting and cut and pasted them onto the question forms...really great idea if I do say so myself and not only easier for them to read, but you can ask alot more questions this way since you don't have to spend any time writing. They responded with their same old canned answers, but I guess those dubious responses are in the public record now.

I sometimes feel sorry for Mike Aulick. He is so tired of all this and it shows.

I failed to submit one crucial question asking them how come nobody knows about their stupid hearings and how come they don't spend any money publicizing these hearings, but millions on advertising their TxTags and toll roads. My bad. Oh, well, maybe next time. Besides, we all know the answer.

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