New Speaker likely means bye-bye Krusee as Transportation chair.

From QuorumReport.com:

"House Pensions and Investments Committee Chair Craig Eiland (D-Galveston) had lunch today with speaker candidates Brian McCall and Jim Pitts. Afterward, he issued the following statement:

“It is clear that based on the support that they have, Mr. Craddick is way short of being even close to the seventy-five votes he needs to remain as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Therefore, it is apparent that the House will have a new Speaker.""

We can hope.

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responsible_dvlpmnt said...

Thanks Sal for keeping us posted through Fort Bend Now. That site and http://missouricitychatter.blogspot.com are good information sources for this area of Houston. Please e-mail me at responsible_dvlpmnt@yahoo.com. I would like to network with you on this. We are currently fighting a landfill down here and can appreciate your efforts. We've also faced a SLAPP-suit and emerged fairly well after nearly a 2 year battle with a large Houston developer. We may be able to offer some advice on the SLAPP threat made against you that I witnessed on one of your video releases on this site (or even testify on your behalf if it comes to a court battle). E-mail me for more info. We have networked with quite a few other grass-roots/consumer groups in this area (including THAG, AHRC, HOBB, the Watchdogs, Citizens for Better Government, and many others)....