Tollroad gadfly leaves Texas

Read Oak Hill Gazette's "Tollroad gadfly leaves Texas" HERE.


Anonymous said...

A bit from San Antonio against the TransTexas Tollway:

Anonymous said...

horrible stuff: CITI bail out money being used for tolls

Anonymous said...

Sal, hope you move back someday... Maybe the political climate will be different by then..

We still have a LOT of work to do here. Brewster SmokinCrackin has just announced he's running for mayor- no surprise there. What a pathetic monkey he is.

Looks like Kay Bailey Hutchinson will run for gov in 2010. Not 100% sure about her toll road stance but it appears she was against tolling existing highways awhile back. Hopefully that's a good sign. At least she'll be a formidable opponent to that piece of shit lame excuse for a governor Slick Rick Perry.