Toller Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty FIRED! My next to last post.


Daugherty, one of this years "Sleazy Six", who voted to toll roads we've already paid for in Austin, TX was my districts county Commish. Early in 2004 he voted against the toll roads, but from 2005 on he voted YES every single time. Ignoring the public outcry against tolling our public highways.

Last night he lost his re-election! Yeah! From the Statesman this morning:
"...Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, a Republican who had been elected twice by his western Travis County precinct, narrowly lost to Democratic challenger Karen Huber.

Daugherty won 46.39 percent of the vote to Huber’s 48.53 percent, according to final election numbers.

“I think the people are speaking,” Huber said late Tuesday. “They want a change from the top of the ticket to the bottom.”

Huber, a former Republican, challenged Daugherty mainly on the grounds that development in western Travis County is out of control and that Daugherty should be doing more to manage it.

Her campaign rested on the idea that a sizable number of that precinct’s residents were angry with Daugherty. Huber’s election means three of the five county commissioners have said they want to test the legal limits of the county’s land-use authority.

Daugherty’s campaign focused on the idea that the precinct was still happy with his performance.

He pitched himself as a candidate willing to make tough choices — such as a controversial plan to build a series of toll roads that Daugherty considers necessary, while opposing county budgets and tax bills he considers too large. He was annually the lone commissioner to vote against the budget.

That toll-road vote appears to have cost Daugherty the election.

Libertarian Wes Benedict, the race’s third candidate who received 5.08 percent of the vote, said anger over the toll-road vote was a main reason for his running."

Wes is a great pal.

Daugherty met the fate of many stubborn elected officials who refuse to listed to the people they pretend to serve. Such as commish Karen Sonleitner, Mayor Dwight Thompson, and others. And many other crooks like Mike Krusee just knew they couldn't win and failed to try and run again.

See my many past posts about Daugherty HERE.

We've had a ton of accomplishments since 2004, when the double tax tolls were born in Austin, TX. There are still other snakes like Senator Kirk Watson that MUST be removed from office.

In the coming days I will make my very last post for this blog, and I'll tell you why.

Stay tuned.
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Anonymous said...

YES YES YES!!! This makes my day!! I was watching this one closely

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal for all of your efforts, I wish you luck in whatever you decide to pursue.

Anonymous said...

I knew something was up with you Sal, I thought it might have been legal action, so I hope its not. I am greatly sorrowed by the landslide victory of Ms. "I wont show up for a educational funding vote, but will show up at Regan and say I dont want it closed" Dukes. The folks in her district cant see past her for what she is.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this douche bag Daugherty GONE (hopefully Watson will be next).

However, NOT glad to hear that you're leaving Sal. But then again, I don't blame you. It's quite a struggle to keep up the good fight against these rampant and corrupt pro toll road politicos.

I fought in a discussion forum several months back with some real assholes that support ALL the new toll roads despite the blatant diversion of tax money. I was amazed at the rationale these people spewed. I was like, are you insane, stupid, or actually one of the CAMPO/CTRMA/TXDOT idiots?? It was quite exhausting; after ahwile I gave up arguing with people that can't be reasoned with.

Wes Benedict said...


Thanks for all of your hard work fighting tolls.

--Wes Benedict