Red State Boys Talk Joe the Plumber


Anonymous said...

Very funny video! What is not funny is that Joe (and McCain) trying to sell us fiction.

Joe the plumber is not even a licensed plumber!

AND he doesn't have enough money to buy his bosses business.

Republicans are liars.


Anonymous said...

The story of unlicensed Joe:

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Joe is not a licensed plumber....hmmm....HE DOESN"T HAVE TO HAVE A LICENSE IN OHIO IF HE DOESN'T OWN THE COMPANY. Joe could be a friggin' frog for all I care! It's what Obama said : ie: "spread the wealth" that everybody should be focusing on....not what an ordinary citizen asks a politician. And Obama claims that he is fighting for the working man - what a joke and what a condenscending Marxist he is....trickle up economics is about the most rediculous thing I've ever heard. First it'll be $250K, then $125K etc. They'll never have enough to fund all their socialistic programs.

Anonymous said...

Obama will probably pull a Bill Clinton and after he gets into office will raise taxes on EVERYBODY. Bill ran his campaign on not raising taxes for the middle class, but in his 1st year of office, had to change his position and do it anyways.

Anonymous said...

Bush #1 raised taxes.

Bush #2 (the dumber one) just put it on the national credit card...Massive deficits.

The fact is greed makes stupid people like Joe the (non) plumber think they will make $250k a year "some day".

Joe will always make $30k a year.

Under Obama Joe would pay less taxes than McSame.

Anonymous said...

I personally want everyone in this country to aspire to making $250k without the threat of the government conviscating a large portion of it. If you decide not to, that's YOUR choice. I marvel at those that champion personal freedoms on one hand, but are perfectly willing to abdicate moral authority in terms of fiscal and personal responsiblity to a government drunk with power.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who has consistently warned us about the government "counterfeiters". Now they talk about another "stimulus package". Hell, let's just print enough money so that everyone has $250K. Only problem is that someday real soon those that hold our debt will come a callin' - lookout for runaway inflation when the market correctly adjusts the real value of the US currency.