Statesman's perspective, "Anti-toll guerrilla has moved on down the road"

Read and comment on the Statesman's article, "Anti-toll guerrilla has moved on down the road" Here.

The Statesman endorsed the Austin toll plan on June 27, 2004.
Read my article called "Austin American Snakesman" from 2006 here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work Mr. Costello. And, now we all know which side the Statesman is on, using such incendiary words: guerrilla? jihad? Shame on you, "objective" newspaper. Makes Mr Costello look even more heroic since he was fighting TXDOT, the toll sheiks, AND the "unbiased" media! Must professional urban "planners" dominate? All they've given us is overpopulation, more smog, and ever higher property taxes. Peoples' Republic of Austin, indeed!

Anonymous said...

the idiot that calls himself "m1ek" always posts on local forums about toll roads (as on ben wear's). the guy clearly is a moron that lives somewhere in central austin and always bitches that he has to pay for everyone else's roads via taxes. i've argued with this punk before and he just resorts to calling you a liar over and over- because he has NO argument for the rampant tolling that's going on in austin right now. i assume he would live much happier in a world where every single road is tolled. by the way, i have to pay taxes for public schools even though i have no kids but you don't hear me bitching.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the statesman had all of its employees post to the article for tolls.

I like how the blind just see a road and says thanks for no traffic on 45 and 130 instead of asking, why wasnt this done before and why must it be a toll road. why must I pay again for something I already paid for? Why does our infrastructure belong to Spain?

Sal Costello said...

TxDOT manager receives 5 year sentence for bribery scheme: