Something to add

Something has really been under my skin since that Ben Wear/Statesman article below (about me leaving town).

Ben called me many times for interviews since 2004.

Just a few months back Ben Wear complimented me on breaking so many stories on my blog. But, in his article, he suggests I didn't have my facts straight, at times. He specifies that my facts on Mike Heiligenstein, executive director of the freeway tolling authority (CTRMA), being a "Deadbeat" was not correct.

The fact is Mike Heiligenstein is a friend of one of the editors of the Austin American Statesman.

My article even lists the case # so you can call the county to verify Anne Heiligenstein filed a "Income Witholding for Child Support" petition in Williamson County to force Mike Heiligenstein to pay $1,500 a month in child support.


Anonymous said...

Ben Wear has proven himself time and again to be a disinformation propagandist of the self-serving trollers. Some day he and the American Statesman will be exposed such like Watson advocating Obama on national TV. I started to write a retort to his article but realized it would be ignored or censored like all my previous letters to that paper/editor. Perhaps opportunity with an honest TV camera/reporter will occur in the future. You know weaselly Ben brought up "deadbeat" only because those cowards were brazen by your absence. Based on my recurring witnessing of his repeated dishonesty promoting tolling, I Dan Jasinski believe that Mike Heiligenstein IS amoral and truly a scum of the earth! Grass Roots recognize truths and real public servants such as yourself, Sal, so consider the source and keep the faith as we do in you!

Anonymous said...

The statesman is dead like all newspapers that failed to do what they should - report news in an unbiased and truthful way. The Statesman is a waste of paper and energy. Not only to create but to read. I am sad that you left Sal but I wish you much success in all that you do. Central Texas benefited from having you here exposing the fraud with toll roads and capmetro.

The Fight is not over we still have Mary Peters at the US DOT pushing for fuel tax changes which I fear may involve tolls on freeways.

Anonymous said...

Ben Wear is a company man and a little punk. He replied to an email of mine once and all he said was that I had 'anger issues' LOL. Umm no I don't. And my email didn't have any expletives or even many caps or exclamation points from what I can remember. Just some friggin common sense. 10+ toll roads in a city the size of Austin is just plain wrong. He never seems to acknowledge this one basic observation. And no matter how you slice it, forcing toll lanes onto existing highways is STEALING land already paid for. If they want to put tolls on these roads, then what about sending us back our tax money we paid for the right-of-way? Ben never really addresses these things. I guess he has to keep a certain amount of conformity in order to retain his job? If so, that would go against what a "reporter" is supposed to be about: being objective and truthful.

Anonymous said...

Heiligenstein is a piece of crap, no doubt. I know that as a fact as he threatened me with harm once when I inquired about the validity of Sal's claims.