Austin Texas Double Tax Tollers Ignore The Law (with booking photos).

All these crooked clowns push the plan to toll public highways AND have ignored the laws.

Rep. Mike Krusee's DWI Booking Photo
Rep. Krusee Arrested for DUI

Austin Mayor Will Wynn Chokes Citizen.
Austin Freeway Tolling
Mayor Charged with Assault!

Judge Sam Biscoe DWI Arrest Photo
(YUP He's still the Judge today!)

Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe Arrested
for DWI, gets special treatment

Dwight Dallas Thompson Felony Arrest Photo
(Former Mayor of West Lake Hills)
Mayor Dwight Thompson Arrested for
trying to board a plane with a .38-caliber handgun.

Convicted Criminal Pete Peters and TxDOT
Criminal Connected to TxDOT
Freeway Tolling Scheme

Sen. Kirk Watson Works Hard to
Shift Austin Freeways to Tollways
While Making $450 an Hour from Taxpayers!
My Formal Letter to the DA's Office and More


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! these "mugshots" are hilarious!! this city is being run by absolute CLOWNS!

Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

That's quite a rogue's gallery you have there!

Anonymous said...

A circle of jerks.

Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of ass clowns who really deserve a beat down for their contempt.

Anonymous said...

Kirk "Wits-NONE" Watson is really a goofy looking jerk off. Shouldn't he be working in a circus or something???

Anonymous said...

Where the pictures of "The Three Amigos" from the Pharr Distirct 21?
They preaded guilty to bribery chrages on a sting operation by the FBI on April 2008.
Their sentence was to be given at the Federal court in McAllen on August 26th but, it has not happened. There is no file in federal court as to their conviction. They most likely are stalling for time to have their sentences become void due to statute of limitation. They must have some good mob lawers to represent them.