WilCo Cons Travis again

Mike Weaver told the Travis County Commissioners all about Pass through financing this week.

Mike Weaver helped create CTRMA and was the first Toll Authority contractor.

Weaver's company Prime Strategies billed the CTRMA well over $600,000 from 2002 to 2005. Weavers company was paid with our tax dollars for his NO BID contracts that he gave to himself.

According to Weaver, Pass through is not right for Travis County, even though about 20 counties and cities have already applied. Travis is the only county in Texas seeking to toll most of it's freeways. That is cool with Weaver since the CTRMA he helped create is controlled by Williamson County. What a scheme - and the Travis County Commissioners keep buying it hook line and sinker. Mike Weaver and Bill Burnett (former Hays County Commish and CAMPO Board member turned consultant) said Pass Through Financing was NOT an alternative to tolls.

BUT - Rep. Joe Pickett, former Chair of House Transportation Committee who has oppossed the privization and tolling of our public highways said an alternative to tolls is pass-through financing.

Who do you believe? Gerald Daugherty, Sam Biscoe and others on the Commission believe the Con.

CLICK HERE, then click in agenda item #15 TO HEAR AUDIO OF THE MEETING.

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