Freeway Tolling Authority Board Member Steps Down!


After 4 years of conflict of interests,
and profiting off the system,
Johanna Zmud finally resigns.

Just weeks ago, I wrote a blog article (click here) about how two CTRMA board members had refused to step down a year after they were asked to resign.

About a year ago, Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn called for the resignation of Chairman Robert Tesch and Johanna Zmud because of conflict of interest.

According to an Austin Business Journal article today, Johanna Zmud, has agreed to step down. Of course, her resignation came with the usual politico excuses. But we know the real story. Thanks to many of you, and your letters to her demanding she step down. She finally listened!

Public records show that Chairman Robert Tesch’s property valuation (less any improvements) of an 18-acre tract, which lies about 2,000 feet east of future US 183-A right of way, has already increased by 612% percent since the time of his appointment to the CTRMA board, another piece of land has increased 989%!

ASK Robert Tesch to Resign - CLICK HERE.

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