Email about Tesch printed with permission


What do you hear on the scum bag Robert Tesch (CTRMA toll authority)? I see his name and my blood runs cold. The way he ripped off old people at his property in Plano, not to mention his 48 employees he ran out on and let us all work for 8 days, running his business, racking in the rental fees of $2500 a month & UP, and didn't pay us.

Many of his employees at the assisted living facility in Plano, worked for barely above minimum wage--and then the multi-millionaire, crook, schister, left all of us holding the bag and no pay checks.

Gov. Perry has appointed Tesch as his director of the highway mobility team, which will include Tesch's property when the highway is built, thus making him all the richer...and he won't even pay his employees. Many of us have filed with the Labor Board, but as I talk with them they tell me they have a "process" that takes some time. They tell me they are trying to freeze his assets. I keep telling the State of Texas Labor Board--THIS MAN IS A MILLIONAIRE IN AUSTIN--GO FIND HIM--WE NEED OUR MONEY.

As I read the article on him, he and his wife Sandra, are listed as creditors and paid as he files bankruptcy..What a crock...and the Oakmont Services, that is racking in all that money, has one employee --the poor schmuck--and pays him $36k. The guy is his "yes" man, Randy was a schmuck as well.

I just want my money..he owes me a little over $2000 which is a drop in the bucket to a millionaire, but means alot to me..Is there NO justice in this great State? Come on Aggie Perry--I was at A&M when you were yell leader...show some compassion and oust out Tesche..


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