UPDATED: Major Toll Road Contractor Overcharges Texas Taxpayers

PBS&J, one of TxDOT's largest contractors, is now the focus of overcharges and theft.

Billions of dollars worth of toll road and freeway contracts using tax payer dollars are at stake. PBS&J former chief financial officer, W. Scott DeLoach, and two other Miami employees are now the suspects of theft.

The Statesman did a report on it here today:

PBS&J overcharges have spanned six (6) years, according to a TxDOT memo.

TxDOT has secretively been looking into the corruption for months, but failed to inform the public.

TxDOT has stopped granting new contracts to PBS&J because of the overcharging. Amadeo Saenzcq, TxDOT's engineering director, told PBS&J in a May 23 letter that it would not be considered for any new contracts until further notice. TxDOT will not issue any additional work authorizations to the company on existing contracts. In-progress projects could eventually be shifted to other construction companies or delayed.

An anonymous source within TxDOT leaked the information to myself about the TxDOT letter last week. I took that information and gave it to a number of reporters around the state.

The PBS&J overcharges could easily add up to hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

PBS&J is the general engineering contractor for the $2.5 billion Central Texas Turnpike Project. The first toll road in Central Texas has yet to open, and we are already awash in secrets and taxpayer waste.

UPDATE: See TxDOT Letter and Memo about PBS&J contracts HERE.

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