Toll Roads, Corruption and a Mistress.

Below is my latest request (I've done about 70 over the
past 19 months). I sent this one to CTRMA last week.
Transportation Looters like Rep. Mike Krusee
and Mike Heiligenstein (CTRMA Executive Director at
$130k a year & perks) give no bid contracts
(using our
tax dollars) to their friends, loved ones, and
! I'll give you an update on this
blog in the coming days, when they send me the answers.


As a taxpayer concerned with corruption within the CTRMA, and understanding that millions of tax dollars have found their way into the CTRMA freeway tolling bureaucracy, I'd like additional information. With the rights granted to me under the Freedom of Information Act, I request that you send me my requests below via US mail to the address below:

The Comptrollers report (http://www.window.state.tx.us/specialrpt/ctrma05/) shows Owen Consulting (Everett Owen) was given one of many no bid contracts with the CTRMA. I'm told by reliable sources that this contract was given to Everett Owen, who is a boyfriend of Lisa England's close friend. Lisa England was Mike Heiligenstein's (Stein) girlfriend at the time and I understand that their relationship continues.

The Comptrollers report shows Informative Efforts LLC (Melinda Wheatley) was given a no bid contract from the CTRMA. I've been told by numerous reliable sources that Melinda Wheatley, a girlfriend of Mike Krusee's, received this no bid contract as Informative Efforts LLC. State Rep. Krusee has been instrumental in forming the CTRMA and other RMA freeway tolling bureaucracies around the state.

I recall a public promise from the CTRMA, shortly after the Comptrollers report came out in 3/05, that the no bid contracts (two of which are described here) and other corrupt practices would come to an end.

Are these two specific CTRMA no bid contracts still in place? Are the many other "circle of friends" no bid contracts noted in the Comptrollers Report still in place? If no bid contracts are against state law for TxDOT to give out, why are they not prohibited for the CTRMA bureaucracy?

What is the total amount of all billings to date for Informative Efforts LLC and Owens Consulting?

Thank You,
Sal Costello
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Anonymous said...

The businesses that are competitors of Informative Efforts LLC have cause to file a lawsuit against the CTRMA. Likewise the competitors of all of the entities that were awarded no-bid contracts by the CTRMA have a right to file law suits against the CTRMA. It would be a good-citizen patriotic action on the part of all of these businesses that were unlawfully deprived of their right to bid on these contracts to file such law suits. I do not see how they could not win these suits, but then I did not see how the governor and entire Texas legislature could ramrod the grossly unAmerican, unTexan and unConstitutional House Bill 3588 through the Texas legislature.

Sal Costello said...

Dear Sal,

I haven't forgotten about you my friend. I think you and the team are doing a great job. These questions you ask in writing are building up a record. Each question unanswered is a drop of acid. It take real guts to stick with this. You have them.

The day will come when those who are really stuck in corruption can be moved against decisively. But I sense that the whole scene right now is stuck in the headlights like a deer at night. At times like this is Vietnam I used to back up and listen. It can't be all push all the time. Sometimes you have to test the winds.

There is so much "wrong" people just can't seem to look!

The next thing that is needed is a clear win, like Carol S. getting elected Governor, a win at court, or someone definitely going to jail, etc.

Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Chuck G.

Anonymous said...

That sounds illegal to me. I'll bet Ronnie Earl would think so as well. Has anyone filed a complaint with the district attorney?

Barbara Coldiron

Sal Costello said...


Williamson County Commissioners Court,

With the rights granted to me under the Freedom of Information Act, I request to receive copies of:

Any and all correspondence, including but not limited to, letters, facsimile transmissions, contracts and e-mail messages between past County Commissioner Mike Heiligenstein and "consultant" Lisa England between January 1, 2000 and December 30, 2003.

Any and all invoices to Williamson County from Lisa England (Mike Heiligenstein's girlfriend at the time) or any of her companies between January 1, 2000 and December 30, 2003.

If less than 40 sheets, please send to this address. Otherwise let me know the cost and I will get it paid promptly.

Thank You,
Sal Costello