Local Attorney Impersonates a "Transportation Planning Expert" for profit.

John Langmore,
a cohort of Representative Mike Krusee,
poses as a Transportation Planning Expert
while his education background
reveals he's an attorney.

A couple of weeks ago the Austin American Statesman, in an article by Stephen Scheibal, referred to John Langmore as a "planning expert". Langmore has himself listed in the Envision Central Texas website as a "Transportation and Land Use Consultant".

But a closer look at his resume shows he's an attorney with NO formal education in Transportation planning, not even an online college course. His only relationship with transportation is, he drafted the freeway toll & TTC legislation known as HB 3588. Lawyers draft legislation. Drafting crafty legislation for Rep. Mike Krusee, to make it legal to toll gas funded public freeways is a far cry from being a transportation planning expert.

John Langmore pulls the ultimate confidence game on our region by directing transportation planning for Central Texas involving BILLIONS of dollars. This ain't no "sims" game. It's our city.

Instead of working with experts in the transportation field, our local Austin special interests politicians, like Mayor Will Wynn, Councilmember Brewster McCracken and others are taking the lead from non-experts such as Rep. Mike Krusee and his close associate, John Langmore.
Langmore cleans up on corrupt "Good Old Boy" transportation contracts. So many transportation contracts came his way he needed to create a new business as a Transportation Consultant. Langmore has also received a toll road related marketing contract through TateAustin. All with our tax dollars.

THE DECEPTION GOES ONE STEP FURTHER: Langmore is now one of the folks in charge of directing an alternative transportation "solution" to the phase 2 freeway tolls here in Austin! Read that line again. That's like letting the devil help you get out of a deal with the devil involving your soul. Man, they must really think we're stupid. Maybe we are.

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