Incredible waste of OUR taxpayer money.

Another Incredible waste of taxpayer money -
to promote a private enterprise.

Begin the Circus Music!

The Freeway tolling CTRMA is rolling out a new ad campaign, thanks to your Central Texas TOLLERS, using your tax dollars, to tell us how great it'll be to pay a toll to drive on roads we’ve funded with our tax dollars (oh yeah, I forgot, they leave that part of the message out).

They've replaced the fact that they've gotten our tax dollars from our County Commissioners, TxDOT, City, our right of way and construction of some roads and replaced that with things that are much less depressing - like a catchy tag line called “Get Up To Speed”, cartoons and music!
Yeah, cartoons are much better than getting screwed sideways.

The bureaucratic unaccountable campaign begins...(see the email below).
From: mespinoza@ctrma.org Sent:
Thursday, July 27, 2006 11:22 AM

Subject: Get Up To Speed Campaign

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to let you know about a public outreach
campaign we have initiated here in Central Texas to introduce the community to the concept of tolling. The campaign is centered on the theme “Get Up To Speed” and features a series of animated spots that are being aired in local movie theatres and on network and cable television. You can also see the spots and learn more about our effort by visiting our campaign web site at www.getuptospeed.org.

I think you will
find the commercials to be entertaining and eye opening in regard to the issue of highway congestion and tolling. I encourage you to visit the Web site and to share the animated videos with your friends and colleagues.


Mario Espinoza
Community Development
Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
301 Congress Avenue,
Suite 650

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 996-9778(Office)

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